10 Apps to Improve Your Communication Skills and Be More Charismatic

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The way you communicate is a very important factor. If you want to improve your communication skills, here are 10 apps to help you out!

1. Improspeak: if you are an introvert…

The best way to improve your communication is to understand yourself at first.

Improspeak is a community of like-minded people who identify as “introverts wanting to become extroverts”. The service they provide is completely free and it consists of:

  • Introvert test: this is the most in-depth test that I have ever seen regarding introversion. It takes about 30 minutes but it will give you insights that are literally on another level.
  • Intro to Extro community: it’s a place where you can share your views with other introverts who are on a similar path.
  • Roadmap: this is a guide to shift personality towards extroversion from within and at the very core. It doesn’t talk a bout tricks like body-language and open-ended questions like other guides do, it’s a much more in-depth approach.

IceBreaker icon

2. IceBreaker: start the conversation

The app IceBreaker gives you hundreds of inspiring questions to keep the conversation flowing when you don’t know what to say. 

You can personalise the question cards and add them to your list so you can have them set when you need them. There’s a card for every occasion! 

IceBreaker also allows you to share your cards on social media, so you can use this tool both online and in real life to overcome shyness and start great conversations!

Like So icon

3. Like So: get rid of filler words

Like So works as a speech coach. If you often use filler words, this app gives you an effective way to control your verbal habits, repetitions, and practice speaking articulately, providing a real-time speech analysis with all of your metrics.

This app has two modalities: 

FreeStyle – you have your own open mic where you can say whatever you like and check your exposition.

TalkAbout – it’s a conversation game to improve your improvisation skills by speaking on the fly about a given topic.

Choose the modality that fits you best and have fun!

Random Topics icon

4. Random Topics: practice improvisation by yourself

Random Topics is an app that generates a random topic for conversation every time you want to practice, whether you’re by yourself or with other people.

Once the topic is set, the app gives you a timer and text-to-speech features, so you can use it while you’re driving, cooking, jogging, etc. and you can check your speech later.

You can skip topics you don’t like and even set a timer to change topics automatically. This way you will develop perfect time management and improvisation skills! 

Speeko icon

5. Speeko: a virtual coach

Speeko works as a public speaking coach for your presentations, meetings, and interviews.

You can start by recording your voice and setting a specific goal or category, Speeko gives you instant feedback on your pace, eloquence, filler words, intonation, and pausing.

Once you’re done analysing the feedback the app provides a wide library of core speaking techniques and exercises to practice whenever you want!

PalTalk icon

6. Paltalk: talk anonymously with strangers

Paltalk is an app that allows you to enter live chatting rooms about a broad range of subjects, from animals to politics. 

You can go with the flow and pick a random room to practice improvisation or you can create a group and host your own room about anything you want to discuss.

If you’re camera-shy, Paltalk provides a wide range of filters and video effects to help you

Improving your conversation skills anonymously!

BeFearless icon

7. Samsung #BeFearless: practice in different settings

Samsung BeFearless is a self-training VR program to practice public speaking.

It helps you improve your public speaking skills through a VR device that simulates public and environmental noises.

On Samsung BeFearless you can choose 3 different settings: School, Business, and Daily Life.

Each set has 4 levels of difficulty, where you can pick 3 different topics. To pass a level you have to complete and pass specific tasks, based on given criteria. 

Practice with a virtual audience, realistic distractions, and sounds, learn how to control your stage anxiety, and become a fearless public speaker!

8. The Art of Public Speaking: a great audio guide

The Art of Public Speaking app contains tips, samples, and quotes from great speeches you can use to practice with. 

This app also contains the audiobook The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie so you can also listen to it and have a complete guide to help you become a great conversationalist!

Voice Analyst icon

9. Voice Analyst: analyse pitch and volume

Voice Analyst analyses your pitch and volumes by recording your voice and checking specific targets.

This app also allows you to save and share your voice recording analyses and provides statistical data to highlight areas of improvement. 

Voice Analyst is a great tool if you need to train your voice for a performance and is also used by Language therapists to track progress.

PromptSmart Pro icon

10. PromptSmart Pro: for reporters

PromptSmart Pro provides a script smart scrolling feature called Voice Track that follows your voice as you speak in real-time. If you go off-script, VoiceTrack will recognise it and it will hold your place until you return to the script.

This app helps you improve your video productions with a smart prompting tool. It listens to your speech and gives you useful suggestions. 

VoiceTrack starts and stops at your natural pace, so you don’t have to try to match your speech to a pre-set scroll speed and you can focus on being natural and spontaneous! 

In conclusion

These are the best 10 apps you can use to improve your communication skills. Now it’s your turn! Choose the one that you prefer to exercise with and remember to practice every day and become a great communicator!