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Prepare For TOEFL Speaking Online: The Best Apps to Help You Practice

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To be prepared well for the TOEFL Speaking test, you can familiarise yourself with various topics and questions types that you can find online.

However, you may not have the time or somebody to help you practice speaking; here are some apps and tips you can use to improve your English speaking quickly.

1. Practice with real people on Improspeak

improspeak home

If you want to prepare for the TOEFL speaking test while having fun, you should try Improspeak.

Improspeak is a new original social platform where you can talk and share your passions in a community of amazing people.

All you need is a webcam and a microphone, the platform will match you with someone based on your shared interests, at that point the conversation can start.

If you don’t know what to say or struggle to find topics to talk about, Improspeak gives you fun question cards that you can use to keep the conversation going. Having always plenty of things to say can make a real difference in preparing for TOEFL question topics.

However, the unique feature of Improspeak is its intuitive way to keep moderation: in fact, after the chat, you can rate your conversation buddy. That way you don’t have to worry about online pervs and bullies.

So if you want to practice your English speaking abilities while having meaningful conversations with interesting people, Improspeak is the perfect solution for you. Oh and, by the way, it’s free.

2. Cambly


Cambly offers you professional tutoring with native English speakers.

Every teacher has a profile video presentation, a rating by users, their Languages and topics they’re willing to teach. 

You can also follow specific courses by the app, whether you’re on the beginners level or you want to practice for particular tests like TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC.

On Cambly there’s a teacher for every topic you want to improve on!



SPEAKLAR will automatically pair you up with an English native that uses the app, so you can start chatting anonymously with that person. This app provides tests for many topics, including TOEFL vocabulary. 

You can talk with a verified English Native speaker, play word games, have real-time conversations both individually and in groups, and you can select specific training for TOEFL and IELTS. 

4. English Listening and Speaking App

english speaking and listeing app

This app has a wide range of different lessons to help you become fluent in English.

You can choose between Conversations, Speaking Practice, Listening Practice and Vocabulary, and you will have specific lessons for your needs. 

The English listening and speaking app has specific sections for IELTS, TOEFL and academic exams, hundreds of tests to improve vocabulary and pronunciation, and several games on sentence building and word chains.


ELSA app

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) uses Artificial Intelligence to help you speak English confidently and clearly.

This app uses speech recognition technology, AI and deep learning to train your pronunciation.

You can practice on different topics or choose a personalised challenge to overcome and get immediate feedback. ELSA can help you:

– Study English for your IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC exams.

-Learn English conversations and phrases before a travel trip.

– Practice English related to your field to advance your career.

On this app, you can take a speech test and receive a report on your strengths and weaknesses to know the areas you should focus on.

After you speak, you’ll be able to compare your voice to a native speaker, receive instruction on correcting yourself, and even watch a video that shows you how to produce those challenging sounds.

6. TOEFL Speaking Vocabulary

toefl speaking vocabulary

This app prepares for every aspect of the TOEFL exam. It gives you exercises on different problem areas about vocabulary and speaking.

Once you choose the start level to practice, the app will give you a complete library of information, examples and exercises, to help you develop the right strategies.

Practice every day and reach your desired score on the test!


Estudy toefl

ESTUDY offers a range of examples and essential informations to prepare you for all the sections in the TOEFL test.

Thanks to the speech recognition, you will have instant feedback and highlights about your strengths and weaknesses, to know which areas you should focus on.

ESTUDY also provides detailed statistics about your progress and helps you practice offline whenever you need.


Edusync provides complete tests simulations with professional reviews from certified teachers.

You will find more than 3000 exercises to train before a test simulation. After that, you’ll get a report about your score, time management and areas to improve.

 You can also compare your simulation to other users’ one in a worldwide classification chart!

9. Magoosh TOEFL Speaking

Magoosh TOEFL Speaking has a variety of tasks and sample tests you can use to practice for your answers.

You can practice with a recorder and a countdown timer, just like the actual TOEFL test format, you can get ideas and learn from sample answers.

With this app, you will check your vocabulary and grammar with a clear explanation for every answer.

Practice a wide range of topics and all types of independent and integrated questions, even when you’re offline!

10. Italki


 Italki is an app that helps you become a better English speaker and allows you to choose between three modalities: 

  1. Tandem modality: it’s a language exchange that connects you with native English speakers who want to learn your language. Teach them yours while they teach you theirs, in a reciprocal way!
  1. Choose a teacher: you can pick a qualified teacher for private online lessons to join on Skype or Hangout. Every teacher has a profile that includes a video-presentation, the languages they’re teaching and their price list. Consider which option you prefer and schedule your first instant lesson
  1. Choose a Tutor: you can use the tutor modality as a middle ground, where you only practice the language you want to learn with someone that’s willing to assist you.

Teachers and tutors can set their prices depending on what kind of lesson you’re looking for. Prices can be higher based on specific topics and language levels you’re choosing.

11. TalkEnglish

Talk English

TalkEnglish is an app that helps you with your fluency by repetition.

It comes with many scripted dialogues with different topics you could practice on for the TOEFL conversation test.

In each lesson, you will read and listen to a scripted conversation and answer multiple questions about what you just read to see if you missed something. 

TalkEnglish helps you practice your speaking skills by playing the part of one of the characters in the dialogues, so you don’t need to find a conversation partner.

Record your conversation, listen and compare to the original character to check if you make mistakes!

12. Accent Training

Accent Training lets you practice your accent and your pronunciation with short scripts about everyday topics.

You can listen to scripts read by native speakers while reading; and then, record yourself to compare your pronunciation to the native speaker’s.

Since it is common to use verbal contractions in English (for example, it is – it’s), Accent Training has a “reduced speech” feature.

There are exercises to help you pronounce specific tricky sentences, which can make a difference during your TOEFL speaking test!

13. SpeakingPal


If you’re too shy to practice with a partner, you can use SpeakingPal, a free app that lets you have scripted conversations with a video chatbot.

SpeakingPal has a speech recognition system that lets you know if you’re making mistakes and helps you to correct them and check your pronunciation.

The app also includes script translations to expand your vocabulary while reading the scripts.

Last but not least, SpeakingPal helps you track your progress so you can see how much you’ve improved!

In conclusion

These are the most fun and useful apps you can use for the TOEFL speaking test.

 Now it’s your turn! Choose the method that fits you better and remember to practice as much as possible and have fun!